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Do you feel at home in the world of IT and are you also interested in business? Have you or will you have soon successfully completed your (vocational) secondary school education? Would you like to combine theory and practice?

If you have said 'yes' three times, the dual study of business informatics could be something for you. 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 partners with the Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW) in Bergisch Gladbach for its Business Informatics course. The dual Bachelor's programme at the FHDW integrates practical experience, which means students switch between the university and a company on a quarterly basis.

During each of the three-month practical phases, you will gain detailed insight into 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为's modern IT infrastructure and get to know the IT sector with the Application Management, Digital Media and Process and Requirements Management groups. 除了, you will support 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 in the digital transformation - the digitalisation of the business model and the exhibition grounds - and play an active role in implementing the IT strategy.

The study of business informatics combines areas of business administration and computer science. 例如, subjects such as accounting/controlling, 市场营销/销售, 软件工程, databases and SQL as well as IT security are part of the curriculum at the FHDW . You can find further information on the FHDW website.

除了 to paying tuition fees and an attractive apprenticeship allowance, 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 offers you a flexitime model, 现代IT设备, free access to most of our own events, such as gamescom and the interior business event imm cologne, 和更多的.

If we are currently offering a dual study programme, you will find the offer in our 工作交流 .


Within the framework of student internships lasting several months, you can gain insight into various areas of the exciting trade fair business.

We offer internships in the following areas, for example:

  • 销售
  • 贸易公平的管理
  • 事件
  • 人力资源
  • 实习 abroad at our subsidiary in Chicago

The prerequisite for an internship with us is that you have successfully completed the first semesters of your Bachelor's or Master's studies and that the internship is intended as a mandatory internship within the framework of your studies.

You will find available internship positions in our 工作交流 .

We would like to stay in touch with you in the future, in order to keep you appropriately informed of events and similar services. 这就是为什么bt365亚洲版体育在线会这么做 like to ask for your consent to contact via electronic media.

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