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Special services and benefits

Our events generate enthusiasm for products, brands and industries. As an employer, we want to inspire you. It is our steadfast conviction that employees can only work well if they are satisfied.

为此, we create an attractive working environment characterised not only by challenging and exciting positions but also by our collegial corporate culture and various benefits.


As part of our health management, we offer our employees a wide range of activities, 包括瑜伽, 回来练习, 足球和跑步团体. 事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 also regularly supports participation in running contests such as the B2Run Cologne and the Cologne Marathon. In addition to the sports activities on offer, we also promote healthy lifestyles with campaigns focused on nutrition and other aspects.

Flexible working time models

We offer working time models that give you flexibility in organising your work and leisure time. 使用弹性工作时间模型, 母亲, fathers or caregivers can flexibly adapt their working hours to family needs.

Comprehensive social and special benefits

In addition to their salaries, our employees benefit from an individually calculated amount that is paid into the pension fund of the 城市科隆 and which, as a company pension scheme, supports them beyond the legally stipulated amounts.

They also benefit from special payments such as Christmas and holiday bonuses, long-service anniversary bonuses and childbirth benefits.


Each of our employees is provided a Microsoft Surface device. In combination with a modern IT infrastructure, this enables flexible and mobile work in the high-rise trade fair office building, 在展览场地上, 出差及, 在需要的时候, 从他们的家庭办公室.


For most of our events in Cologne (e.g. 酝酿降价, CCXP科隆, 德国科隆, INTERMOT科隆, Imm古龙水和更多), all employees receive free tickets which can also be passed on to family or friends.


We want our employees to be able to get to work easily by train, bicycle or car. A parking space in the multi-storey car park at the high-rise trade fair office building is available free of charge to colleagues arriving by car. We promote CO2-neutral mobility by offering bicycle leasing, which our employees can use to lease bicycles and pedelecs at favourable conditions.


事务筹办者Koelnmesse认为 places particular emphasis on the individual and practical training opportunities available to its employees. The range of further training offers extends from IT workshops and intercultural training, presentation and sales seminars to special management workshops related to current or future job activities.

We would like to stay in touch with you in the future, in order to keep you appropriately informed of events and similar services. 这就是为什么bt365亚洲版体育在线会这么做 like to ask for your consent to contact via electronic media.

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